Existential Psychotherapy

The type of therapy I practice is Existential Psychotherapy. This is a holistic therapy rooted in philosophy.

Even though people are connected by similar life experiences there is a uniqueness to an individual's experience. During therapy you will explore your experiences and what they mean to you.  You will gain greater clarity and perspective giving you a deeper understanding of yourself.  An awareness of oneself also enables a person to be aware of others which can enable us to have more meaningful relationships. 


It can also be possible to incorporate Phototherapy into a session/s. In this digital media age, where most of us have access to a camera via our phones, photographs have become part of our lives. Where taking photos used to be reserved for holidays or special occasions we now record and share many more aspects of our lives.

Phototherapy uses photographs as a powerful tool to reflect and explore.  As part of a session we would discuss what a photo means to you. It can be useful therapy for bereavement by creating a photobook, or exploring what it means to be you by using photo portraiture.